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Another dream... Zeno as a thieving RAT?!!!!
I take in when it comes to my dreams, they...It...whatever... Appear to use and reuse the same set of 'players' because this morning I had one of those alternate reality dreams. Think of it like those old Hanna Barbera cartoons, with the same few set of characters, reused over and over in different universes, with veeeeeeery little differences. For the second time (first time being a boring too realistic dream of dealing with street thugs), a  particular thug type set of 'characters' reappear... This time as human sized anthro rats. To most people that alone is dreadful, but as a former pet rat owner, I was ECSTATIC!!!!

Being bit of a shape shifter myself in these dreams, I also take on the form of someone (or something) else. I was a... dragon? I remember having dragon wings and had a group of friends hanging out with me, one of which named 'Wilma'... Yea no modern stone age here, she was a tubby ol' little cute dragon, but anyhow-

Much of the beginning was a blur of events... What I do recall is dealing with a group of said thugs busy stealing jewelry(?) from the Royal storage unit facility something of a another... My friends and I were out, having one of those girl night out type scenarios and walked up to this night burglary taking place. Call the cops? No. I don't even remember WHAT happened afterwards, but it blurred out presenting the next scene, wait for it- SWITCHED TO A SCHOOL CLASS SCENE (enter long ongoing NOOOOOOOOO).

An after school scene that took place a little later (I must have a fear of being left at school????) outside at a busy bus yard, my friends and I met some new faces. Yep, those thug rap-reject set of rat dudes. The drawing above was just a rough sketch of the actual character's face, the rest changed from a dark outfit with high heels, to mostly dark colored clothes. ^This individual, and his brothers, were hanging out waiting for their ride; the girls and I were waiting. Why I don't know, we have WINGS; I'd think we would just fly away. The ladies with me were flirting with said group of ratty-guys. Finally, I turn around to see what gotten them so worked up.

And BOOM! Locked onto those familiar heterochromia type eyes... Red & gold. I IMMEDIATELY made the connection. If I was to 'play out of character', the dream would end. So I played along, clearly interested in this character. Even the damn thing's fur was purple and blatantly effeminate. They not fooling me, that's Zeno- my ongoing 'dream romance' partner for some ten or so years now. I have had previous dreams of him being a cat burglar (he loves pretty things, especially jewelry), an excellent climber; but this time he took on the form a RAT =O.o=

Fast forward, the group of ratty-dudes caught their ride, in a hurry. Being the nosy beast that I am, my friends and I followed, by flying high above lagging behind just enough NOT to be seen. Yea. A group of dragons flying in the sky... Like that's going to work... But it DID. Problem is, being a dragon, my friends and I beat the guys to their destination. Okay, how did we KNOW where they lived, I don't even remember but here we are.

The friend of mine (aforementioned 'Wilma') was digging into the rat guy's mail box, considering all they lived together. She reads a letter mentioned how they were to make a delivery to a location across the state. Out back was a little remote controlled airplane, with its control fixed into the cockpit for the little ratties to pilot. Yea, it sounds so damn CUTE!!! Anyhow, we hear their car speeding towards us, quickly we ran cross the street, hiding inside a building.

These guys can shape shift into common rats, albeit some colorful ones, yet kept some of their human intelligence (think rats of N.I.M.H). They jump from the vehicle, downsize their shape, carrying loads upon loads of diamonds, jewelry, the works. This went on for minutes. Then I get the weird idea to intervene (ie be nosy, because dammit, I can see a mile away where this is heading, and I have to protect my Zeno- who's oblivious to WHO I am). I'm panicking, because the head rat had a gun, watching the guys work fast into the night. What does Wilma suggest? Go over there AS another rat. The conversation, out of everything taking place aside from the guys being rodents, stuck out in this dream. It went something like this-->

Wilma says, "Go over there as a rat."

I'm like, "Okay, but they'll shoot me!"

"Go as a little girl rat!"

"Really?" ***Starts to shape shift into a little rat lady***. "What do boy rats find attractive in a girl rat?"

"Oh I don't know, but be a girl rat!"

Okay, so now I am this semi-anthro rat female, with little pink hands, little pink tail with a damn bow on its tip; and start my way to the curb of this now HIGHWAY(?!!!!). I guess since I am smaller, it would look like a highway, but it went from a roadway to a straight up highway!

I squeal at Wilma, "I can't see that far!!! Help me cross the street!!!!" She laughs (dammit Wilma!) and guides me across the street. My little ratty legs struggled to keep up, but I made it over. Wilma flies and lands on top of the building. Bravely (or is that stupidly?) I sneak up on the guys, while they were still loading up the plane, and say, "HEY! What are you all doing?" to the 'Zeno-rat', who drops his bag, surprised to see me. He didn't recognize me, shook his head and kept working. I squeak loudly, "What are you guys doing? This is WRONG! Put it back, I'll take care of all of you; I LOVE RATTIES!" He quickly silences me by clamping my mouth shut. Zane (Zeno's twin brother, who in this dream was a red rat) peeks into the doorway they were just leaving out of.

The head rat says something about, "If they come with me, I'd have to split up the goods. I want it all to MYSELF!" He steps out, blazing the area with his gun. Where does a tiny anthro-rat purchases a gun perfectly for his size, is a mystery, but hell, he had one. The guys and I ran for our lives. I'm screaming for Wilma to help. But managed to take a bullet for Zeno- and WOKE UP.

There was more afterwards when I went back to sleep. In fact, the dream continued days later. The head rat dude ended up getting killed, and what was done with the bags of jewelry was gone. It wasn't even a subject of discussion thereafter. Next thing I recall is the rat gang, my dragon friends and I were in a giant time machine building, fighting off wolves that tried to take over.

No, I am NOT on medication! Thanks for reading another chapter of my ever strange dreams!

Zeno is (c) and owned to me, Blaquetygriss, as a Nafaris and possibly a purple rat in another life LOL.

***ANY similarity to any copyrighted character is sheer coincidence. What I saw in my dream was basically a tall lanky purple skinny as hell ratty male, with pink markings, that had the same voice and demeanor of my character 'Zeno'. I am 200% sure it was the same entity. 


Some BS I had scribbled for Facebook
Since there was a pic shared on a 80's group I'm apart of with Pooh bear with a face hugger on him, someone asked "What would the results look like?" And I drew this quickie pic. Enjoy!

Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet are (c) to Disney.
Aliens are (c) to 20th century fox
Poor hellhound
This poor guy appeared in a earlier dream last week, quickly scribbled down after waking up; explaining the roughness/unfinished appearance. 
His only descriptive features that stuck out was his light gray fur, tall super skinny body and THOSE EYES. Like HOW in the HECK does he even SEE?!!! They weren't even compound eyes (Zeno actually has those) but looked like infected irregular orb-like meat balls. But he can see. He also was able to recognize me from far older dreams, when I used to dream about being a hellhound guarding Salen's territory.

The dream itself wasn't really complex in itself.
It was basically of me being with a large grouping of people being trapped (or is that suckered?) into a club. Which in turn was a big trap to capture people, so the owner of the big mansion of a club, a pompous woman creature, can EAT. Yes. She feeds on people like chicken nuggets. Long winding story short, I managed to save all but *two* people from this ordeal, by doing a dramatic leap of faith out a window, falling miles down onto the ground (physics has no place here, apparently) and I used my body to break the fall (OUCH).

Again physics has NO place in my dreams or just don't work at times, because I literally fell directly into Keith's kingdom (my king fox/wolf character), dead slap onto the ground. After allowing the two children (looked like children, they were little monster human things) to climb off, I noticed Keith had orchestrated an army at the ready to fight aforementioned human-munching-woman with the mansion high above. I woke up shortly after the army began to march up the mountain to destroy the monster-woman, unfortunately.

But in regards to the gallant escape, I had to travel through what felt like miles of dark windowless hallways. I guess this is how the monster woman breaks up groups of victims to eat them? Anyways, during this you'd come across creatures who either are still trapped here, or her servants. Enters this creature, who walked with a painful limp, appeared starved, and unloved. During the exploration to find the escape route, I came across him, who at first tried to attack me but stopped in mid stride. He whimpers, and spoke about how he used to hunt beside me when I was Sinwulf (my alter-ego, who I seldom use these days). I held his head close to my chest, and offered for him to join us.

He refused, regrettably, fearing the monster woman will only recapture him again, and disappeared into the shadows.
Poor big doggy monster :-(

This big gray fella is (c) to me, Blaquetygriss. Please do not alter and claim as your own.
That B*tch that appeared in my recent dream
This was sketched up an hour after I had this dream a few days ago. Its rough, but I wanted to get down what stuck out the most. Also 99.9 percent of the time in my dreams I /am/ Rasheeda, or a variant of what she is (have wings, tail, talons, bad hair, can't fly decent for sh*t).

Anyhow, I don't know WHAT her name is, other than being referred to as simply "That B*tch", by another character who equally was annoyed (as I) towards her whiny and NAGGING a$$ voice.  

The overall dream was a weird collection (4 in total) of several ways to die. Some were successful, others were not. 
Each of these dreams were orchestrated by (who from now on will be called this until I figure out wtf her name is) B*tch, because she desires to be the apple of Salen's eyes. Who, by the way was seated behind her, obediently, while she pointed her finger at me, B*TCHING about how she didn't like my smug attitude towards the dreams *they* create for me to participate it. 


Well, I have become sick to DEATH of having repeated OVERUSED 'I'm in school omgerd I miss the bus again' dreams, or school dreams in general, over and OVER again. So I literally stopped in mid dream sequence, screaming skyward as if speaking to a unseen director, "WHY CAN'T I DREAM ABOUT FUN STUFF? THIS BULLCRAP IS BORING!"

The character (named 'Steve', not sure why, but its a overweight woman bear creature dressed like a hooker) tries to stop me, saying, "Don't say that girl. Play along before the b*tch will show up!"

"Who? F*CK THAT! This is BORING Give me Zeno, an adventure, dragons, something, this is BORING!!!!"

"Shut up before THEY show up!" 

Yep. The ground shook when THEY appeared. The participating 'characters' of the scene scatter, leaving me and Steve to deal with who ever opposes of my participation into tonight's dream story. The back of the building (or room? It was pretty damn dramatic) fell away, as a fiery underworld appears, with Salen in the background (who oddly looked...mammalian) while this B*TCH monster appears. 

Her tiny wet black twitching nose, black eyes, anorexic brown furred body, wiry black hair, droopy boobies from hell, stark naked, and pointing finger are the features that stuck out in my memory. Salen looked like a male version of whatever the hell she's supposed to be, but with horns.

And I couldn't forget her obnoxious voice. She did all the talking while Salen takes a seat back (I'm like WHA?!), she says, "You ungrateful WENCH! You will act on what we put forth for our ENJOYMENT!" The rest was 'blah blah blah' to my ears, because she was going on about how much she loves Salen, blah blah blah, I didn't care. I wanted out. Seeing I wasn't paying her any attention, she banished me to partake in a series of dreams depicting different ways of being killed.

Oooo, I'm scared. Been there, done that (no thanks to a jealous Salen ages ago), let get this thing over with. Ready? FIGHT!

First dream was a massive labyrinth(?) set up, where I had to fly over to a certain section to avoid being attacked by lions and tigers. Aced it and survived. First time in a long time I actually was able to fly without crashing. Yippee! Next!

Second dream I am a little city boy(?!!!!) whose friend sold drugs, got caught, and gang friends who couldn't use a gun for sh*t, accidentally shot EVERYONE up, including me AND themselves. Idiots. It felt so real I felt the blood drain down my face. Terrified? Hardly. Annoyed? YES. Already had a dream like this before ages ago. Next!

Third dream, a massive wall was built across the oceans to keep glaciers from colliding into the mainland. Yea, sounds stupid, but anyways, the wall ended up becoming a global tourist attraction, with theme parks built ONTO the wall itself. Bad part, one could see said wall was in poorly kept, and long story short it began to collapse. One of the tour guides out right tells me, "Oh a disaster is about to happen shortly, and you're on the schedule to be killed. I'm sorry. Have a nice day!" Everything suddenly goes down like the Titanic, people running, screaming, etc, I was pulled thousands of feet into the depths of the ocean, all the while complaining about the lack of realism in all this. I saw myself about to run directly into a spinning propeller and got sliced to bits. Died instantly. Next!

Fourth dream, was perhaps a continuation of the previous, but of a massive planetary flood due to the polar ice caps melting. No biblical tale here, it was basically a experience of survival. It began as my home tilted, caved in and fell over. My family(?!!) and I were separated. The entire horizon was of floating buildings, people on makeshift rafts, whatever. I aided groups of people into forming a series of boats, which we all floated to land. During this more people was saved, and discovered the flood was forced by (?????) to literally WASH the less fortunate away. Either way, lots of lives were saved, I avoided death this go round, and I guess at this point was released of these 'ways to die dreams'.

 This caravan of survivors and I, ended at a massive silvery building, where everyone went their separate way. The little city boy, who appeared in the 'shooting' dream makes a reappearance, as did other familiar faces from the previous scenarios. I make a 'encouraging' speech to the little boy, don't ask me what I said, whatever it was it was down right cheesy like "Reach for the stars" or something, and I was given the option to 'return to where I began'.

In the form of a portal (think Stargate but not as large), I jumped through and found myself back in my 'preferred' fantasy type dreams. Before I had the chance to enjoy it... I woke up. 


Am I turning that beady eyed b*tch into a character? You betcha I am! That droopy-tit-B*TCH!!!!
I better stop before she decides to make a reappearance O.o
This... B*TCH is (c) to me, Blaquetygriss. Please murder her. Um, I mean, please don't use, alter, blah blah blah.
Old flame reignited. OH NOES
Sketched this up after having yet another vivid dream. I had two others last week, hadn't gotten around to 'adding those into my art-dream diary' yet. But one was of a heroic anthro-demon(?) anthro goat, and the other was of Varuun in his alter-form...Singing.

Anyways, THIS moment happened with Salen, my world's version of the devil. He's a trickster, perverted, don't give a sh*t and takes no sh*t from anyone type of individual. He has a harem of wives and husbands, can shape shift into any form, but mostly anything that incites fear- mostly of tornadoes and IRS audits. He's been an off/on again headache since the late 90's.


This dream began as I and a few others were saving(?) a group of people, families with children, on a robotic mobile home (hey, things like that exist in my 'world' lol)... All was fine until said machine went missing. It was pulled underground. Not good.

Me and the group of friends rush into the gaping pit in the ground to investigate. It lead into a underground network of tracks, piping, hanging train cars (?!!!) and everything leading into a ominous dark cavern that went on forever. Already I knew what was up- the people were being transported to Salen's domain- 'The Crater'- on the opposite side of Whandirlust. Think a real physical chaotic hell of a place. Skies are constantly moving, as if it was fire. Chicago.

Deeper in, there were daemons (name of Salen's minions) here and there. All of them began to give me quite the warm welcome, as it has been literal decades since I came down here. In order to continue on, I had to catch the next transport that went deeper underground. Okay. Fine. Did it. But by the time it began to travel into pitch blackness, I remember, "Oh SH*T I'M A GET F*CKED!"

Its too late, I've already reached the destination. I walk out into the opening. Everything has changed since I last been here. The sky is still the same, but it appears the Crater is...civilized. No crashing planes. No killing. No violence whatsoever, actually. But there's a DAMN FERRIS WHEEL there. Cheezus Crackers the place was been influenced by Keith's own domain. Its a damn theme park down here!

Walking along towards Salen's momentous home, simply named the "Foyer", clearly had a remodel. Its bigger, better, and has a industrial park/chemical plant feel to it. Steam bellowing from its chimneys, with gargoyle-like guards flying over it. At the base was giant sewer(?) pipes, where groups of people were digging in the trash. It appears the Crater is where the planet's TRASH ends up. Upon deeper inspection, a few of Salen's wives were present- and happy to see me.

I'm distracted, laughing and talking, if not trying to find a way OUT this place. The path I last traveled had completely disappeared. I don't cheat for one (still into Zeno), and I know if I don't leave in time, I'm going to GET F*CKED.

The wives went on, saying Salen doesn't allow them into his castle of a home anymore, forced to eat trash, been abused, neglected, rejected, typical Dr. Phil sad sob stories. One of the wives mentions, "He always spoke highly about you, he only talks to you as an equal, and us as tramps."

Before I could react, the dream blurs a bit; and I find myself being held down. Can't fight, can't resist, because memory reminds me if I fight, I would have to endure a nightmare- and I DESPISE NIGHTMARES. Or worse, a revenge on the ones I love. Salen has and will do this. Picturing him slaughtering Zeno, made me take it.

First Salen's black tarry appear at my feet, takes form, legs first, then arms, and his face appears from my left. Before he damn near chokes me with his tongue (if one hasn't noticed by now, Salen true form borrows cues from a horny toad and frogs), he mutters, or well the words I managed to catch were, "My favorite wife" to "Glad you returned". I'm losing feathers, patience, but kept calm as best I could. When Salen reaches his climax, he's the type of monster who oozes all the f*ck over. Meaning, you will be left covered in a black colored mucky mess. During this the wives watch.

Afterwards, he stands up, I felt his thick length, exhausted, flop out. Casually he walks over to a makeshift throne, where he picks through a plate of food (trash rather) his minions prepared for him. Meantime, I'm on the ground, glued to it by his muck, feeling grossed out. My mouth is filled with a gritty thick fluid (he can cum from his tongue, like I said, he let loose ALL OVER his body). He busies himself by eating, as again I began sense the dream 'blur out'.

Every time I woke up and return to sleep, this dream literally continued where the previous had left off. I am kept near Salen, never to venture far nor return to civilization. The alarm rings, freeing me from this rather unwarranted, unexpected scenario.

Salen and Rasheeda are (c) to me, Blaquetygriss

***My bad grammar 'dream' story was an abortion of brain power, or lack there of.
Sorry. Its that I written this while replaying said scene in my head :-(


Eat me, I'm a cookie!!!
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