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Old flame reignited. OH NOES
Sketched this up after having yet another vivid dream. I had two others last week, hadn't gotten around to 'adding those into my art-dream diary' yet. But one was of a heroic anthro-demon(?) anthro goat, and the other was of Varuun in his alter-form...Singing.

Anyways, THIS moment happened with Salen, my world's version of the devil. He's a trickster, perverted, don't give a sh*t and takes no sh*t from anyone type of individual. He has a harem of wives and husbands, can shape shift into any form, but mostly anything that incites fear- mostly of tornadoes and IRS audits. He's been an off/on again headache since the late 90's.


This dream began as I and a few others were saving(?) a group of people, families with children, on a robotic mobile home (hey, things like that exist in my 'world' lol)... All was fine until said machine went missing. It was pulled underground. Not good.

Me and the group of friends rush into the gaping pit in the ground to investigate. It lead into a underground network of tracks, piping, hanging train cars (?!!!) and everything leading into a ominous dark cavern that went on forever. Already I knew what was up- the people were being transported to Salen's domain- 'The Crater'- on the opposite side of Whandirlust. Think a real physical chaotic hell of a place. Skies are constantly moving, as if it was fire. Chicago.

Deeper in, there were daemons (name of Salen's minions) here and there. All of them began to give me quite the warm welcome, as it has been literal decades since I came down here. In order to continue on, I had to catch the next transport that went deeper underground. Okay. Fine. Did it. But by the time it began to travel into pitch blackness, I remember, "Oh SH*T I'M A GET F*CKED!"

Its too late, I've already reached the destination. I walk out into the opening. Everything has changed since I last been here. The sky is still the same, but it appears the Crater is...civilized. No crashing planes. No killing. No violence whatsoever, actually. But there's a DAMN FERRIS WHEEL there. Cheezus Crackers the place was been influenced by Keith's own domain. Its a damn theme park down here!

Walking along towards Salen's momentous home, simply named the "Foyer", clearly had a remodel. Its bigger, better, and has a industrial park/chemical plant feel to it. Steam bellowing from its chimneys, with gargoyle-like guards flying over it. At the base was giant sewer(?) pipes, where groups of people were digging in the trash. It appears the Crater is where the planet's TRASH ends up. Upon deeper inspection, a few of Salen's wives were present- and happy to see me.

I'm distracted, laughing and talking, if not trying to find a way OUT this place. The path I last traveled had completely disappeared. I don't cheat for one (still into Zeno), and I know if I don't leave in time, I'm going to GET F*CKED.

The wives went on, saying Salen doesn't allow them into his castle of a home anymore, forced to eat trash, been abused, neglected, rejected, typical Dr. Phil sad sob stories. One of the wives mentions, "He always spoke highly about you, he only talks to you as an equal, and us as tramps."

Before I could react, the dream blurs a bit; and I find myself being held down. Can't fight, can't resist, because memory reminds me if I fight, I would have to endure a nightmare- and I DESPISE NIGHTMARES. Or worse, a revenge on the ones I love. Salen has and will do this. Picturing him slaughtering Zeno, made me take it.

First Salen's black tarry appear at my feet, takes form, legs first, then arms, and his face appears from my left. Before he damn near chokes me with his tongue (if one hasn't noticed by now, Salen true form borrows cues from a horny toad and frogs), he mutters, or well the words I managed to catch were, "My favorite wife" to "Glad you returned". I'm losing feathers, patience, but kept calm as best I could. When Salen reaches his climax, he's the type of monster who oozes all the f*ck over. Meaning, you will be left covered in a black colored mucky mess. During this the wives watch.

Afterwards, he stands up, I felt his thick length, exhausted, flop out. Casually he walks over to a makeshift throne, where he picks through a plate of food (trash rather) his minions prepared for him. Meantime, I'm on the ground, glued to it by his muck, feeling grossed out. My mouth is filled with a gritty thick fluid (he can cum from his tongue, like I said, he let loose ALL OVER his body). He busies himself by eating, as again I began sense the dream 'blur out'.

Every time I woke up and return to sleep, this dream literally continued where the previous had left off. I am kept near Salen, never to venture far nor return to civilization. The alarm rings, freeing me from this rather unwarranted, unexpected scenario.

Salen and Rasheeda are (c) to me, Blaquetygriss

***My bad grammar 'dream' story was an abortion of brain power, or lack there of.
Sorry. Its that I written this while replaying said scene in my head :-(
1988 versus 2017, my boy Keith
I dug up an old drawing I created way back in middle school. Keith, one of my oldest characters (the fox), is seen here riding on a rickety roller coaster with Raymond, my then random rabbit character...because I wanted a rabbit character. Anyhow, the original was drawn on regular wide ruled paper (shivers) and colored with only heavy knows what kind of markers, I forget. The updated pic is drawn/colored using Paint Tool Sai.

Keith and Raymond are (c) and owned by me blah blah blah 
Dedicated to my Daddy
FIRST drawn picture of 2017, dedicated to my Daddy. I drew his car, the last he had, a 1986 Chevy Impala 4dr. The backdrop (stock photo, I didn't draw it) is of Philadelphia, his home town. Thank for visiting me in my dreams Daddy. Miss you so much!
Zeno/Nafaris specie design minor update...
A return...customer (more like a personal favorite) of my dreams is 'Zeno' and his/its numerous hive living relatives. Over the years the design 'evolved' the more I seen these guys, whom I named the 'Nafaris', bit by bit more of their appearance is seen. My dreams tend to fuse the non-human creatures into a psuedo-human-creature hybrids; who appear more human (BOO!) than otherwise. You KNOW they're not human, because things like tails, digitigrade legs, wings, horns, whatever, tend to remain.

Since 2008'ish, the aforementioned critters usually appear more human (BOO!) but with long spiny tails, later with four arms with blades and digitigrade legs. Fast forward to today, after I long and adventurous dream, Zeno and family gave me the full view of what they really look like- without the 'human' filter lol. Finally. They appear more like tall dinosaurian/insect creatures. Wide from the side view, thin from seen above- like a theropod dinosaur. Very little humanoid anything, aside from ability to speak, similar emotions but more violent, wear clothes, shockingly, and can stand fully upright.

Zeno's face, my god, reminded me of a giant isopod. Don't know what that is? Google is your friend O.o

I sketched this up quickly while the image was still fresh in my head; annnnnnnd this is their official basic design for now. More dinosaurian so it shall be.
Enjoy :3

This doesn't apply to Varunn. He appeared just as I drew him. And he was monstrous.
OLD A$$ Liger Zero pic I drew LONG time ago
I'm just posting this, as a reference, because I am the original artist to this drawing of Liger Zero from Zoids. It was drawn/colored on paper, and submitted, to a Zoids fansite way back when Zoids Zero was still a thing. I have the original in my archival 'art box'. See, I was crazy about Liger Zero, and this pic was based upon the box art on the 'King of Flexible' Liger Zero toy I received when I was living in Hanau Germany at the time. Enjoy!


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